Telescopic Pole Saw: the best offers

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
Pole saw Makita LXT DUA301Z 18Vx2
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Pole saw Makita LXT DUA301Z 18Vx2MAKITA In stock

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Pole Hedge Trimmer Makita DUN500WZ 18V
Sale price$456.00 USD
Pole Hedge Trimmer Makita DUN500WZ 18VMAKITA In stock

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Pole Saw FFgroup BPS 25 Plus 40V
Sale price$182.00 USD Regular price$191.00 USD
Pole Saw FFgroup BPS 25 Plus 40VFFGROUP In stock

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Telescopic Pole Saw: the best offers

Telescopic Pole Saw: the best online offers

The telescopic Pole Saw is an essential tool in the supply of tools for gardening, an indispensable device for pruning hedges in a perfect way. This device allows you to keep the plants always in order, with the possibility of creating particular shapes to shape the bushes in a creative way.

The battery-powered Pole Saw, in particular, is a light and practical machine to use, to facilitate the maintenance of the greenery and not to emit CO2 emissions. These models are also very quiet, to work in the garden without disturbing the neighbors, even on Sundays and during rest hours, thanks to very low noise emissions.

With a telescopic electric pruner it is possible to adjust the height and width of the hedges, cutting the plants even without using the ladder, just fold the pruning bar to operate more quickly and with less effort. In addition, the wide angle of orientation allows you to cut at any angle, creating straight, vertical, horizontal and oblique pruning.

On Emmeti Store you can buy a professional telescopic pruner online, ideal for individuals and specialized gardeners, taking advantage of affordable prices and free shipping. You can also request an invoice at check-out, choose the form of payment you prefer and also opt for online installments.

How to choose the right Pole Saw

Before buying a telescopic pruner it is necessary to consider some important aspects, to make an informed decision and choose the product that best suits your needs. First of all, you need to understand whether to buy a petrol or battery-powered telescopic pruner, the first more suitable for professional use, the second for the care of a private garden.

Today, many gardeners also prefer telescopic electric pruners, as they are quieter, lighter and do not pollute, representing an ideal solution for working, for example, in apartment buildings, hospitals and terraced house gardens. A feature to be evaluated is also the cutting capacity, taking into account the thickness of the branches that the tool is able to prune.

The telescopic pruner must also offer a wide range for cutting adjustment, have a low weight so as not to tire the arms too much and be equipped with an efficient and powerful motor. The machine must be safe, able to operate even in the presence of dust and water drops, with a large enough blade and an adjustable cutting speed.

How to use the telescopic electric handler

After buying the best petrol or electric telescopic pruner, using it is really simple. Generally it is enough to wear the shoulder strap, with which to better distribute the weight of the tool on the body and not only on the arms, so all that remains is to adjust the blade and start pruning the plants.

When using the device, never remove the safety protections, fundamental systems to ensure the safety of the operator when cutting hedges. The telescopic pruner must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, therefore it must not be used to cut too large branches, also paying attention to metal structures and electrical wires that are not very visible.