Rothenberger: products for hydraulics

Rothenberger: products for hydraulics

Rothenberger: products for plumbing on Emmeti Store, come and discover them.

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Rothenberger is a leading manufacturer of piping tools and equipment. Its products include machines and tools for plumbing and heating installers, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians and maintenance technicians. In particular, it offers a wide range of products for installing, maintaining, vacuuming and filling hydraulic systems.

Among the Rothenberger products for hydraulics is the battery-operated vacuum pump, which allows you to work up to 90 minutes without electricity (with 8 Ah battery). Thanks to the integrated solenoid valve, the vacuum is maintained even when the battery is flat, guaranteeing maximum safety.

Rothenberger offers a complete range of all the tools necessary for the installation, maintenance, vacuum and charging of air conditioning systems: from the most compact systems to the largest industrial ones. In addition, it also offers cordless hose cutters for added convenience and mobility.