High visibility clothing: best offers

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
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Sweat Pile Diadora HV 20471
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Sweat Pile Diadora HV 20471DIADORA
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Waistcoat Diadora HV Vest ISO 20471
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Waistcoat Diadora HV Vest ISO 20471DIADORA
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Ventilated Vest Makita DFV210Z
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Ventilated Vest Makita DFV210ZMAKITA Sold out
Ventilated Jacket Makita DFJ214Z
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Ventilated Jacket Makita DFJ214ZMAKITA In stock, ready to be shipped
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High visibility clothing: best offers

High visibility workwear: the best offers

At Emmeti Store you will find a complete catalog for high visibility clothing, with a selection of products from the best brands in the industry such as Diadora Utility and Makita. These are CE certified high visibility clothing, able to guarantee an excellent fit and high safety standards, adapting to any type of application.

In our online store we offer high visibility summer and winter workwear, with garments for every season and climatic condition. In winter, high visibility products can be combined with technical clothing to increase thermal insulation and improve protection against wind and low temperatures.

According to your needs, you can buy high visibility vests, garments to be used during outdoor work or in risky places such as goods sorting stands. In the winter period, on the other hand, it is possible to opt for a high visibility sweatshirt or jacket, perfect garments to optimize night visibility.

In the Emmeti Store e-commerce you can buy Makita and Diadora high visibility clothing online, finding affordable prices, fast shipping and billing available for professionals, artisans and companies. Starting from 150 euros you can take advantage of free delivery, with online installments in 3 interest-free solutions and the official manufacturer's guarantee on each item purchased.

How to choose high visibility clothing

High visibility clothes are professional workwear, with which to signal the presence of the worker in an optimal way, both day and night and in all weather conditions. It is an indispensable safety device in many work contexts, and is also mandatory in many sectors, such as road construction sites, rescue services, ports and airports.

When choosing, you must first consider the climatic season, opting for high visibility winter or summer clothing. In these cases it is necessary to take into account the thermal insulation capacity of the material, preferring fabrics such as fleece or polyester, while in summer it is necessary to favor breathability and ventilation.

At the same time it is necessary to choose practical and functional high visibility garments, equipped with external and internal pockets with a waterproof coating to protect from the rain. Obviously, it is important to buy high quality clothing, such as Diadora high visibility products made with materials capable of providing high resistance and excellent comfort.

The safety standards of high visibility clothing

High visibility work clothing must be in line with the safety standards required by the EN 20471: 2017 standard, respecting the parameters established for high visibility clothing Class 1, 2 and 3. In Class 1 there are products with a level of low protection, with at least 2 meters of reflective tape with a minimum width of 5 cm and a fluorescent surface of 0.14 m2.

Class 2 garments, on the other hand, like many Diadora high visibility clothing products, are characterized by 2.6 meters of reflective tape and a 0.5 m2 fluorescent background. Class 3 products are suitable for work in high-traffic roads and airport facilities, as they are equipped with a large reflective, fluorescent and retro-reflective surface to ensure maximum visibility for the worker.