Work Clothing

Work Clothing

Buy online work clothing and safety clothes: shoes, trousers, jeans, bermuda shorts and much more. Find out more on the Emmeti Store website.

Work Clothing

On Emmeti Store a vast assortment of safety clothing is available for every work and professional need. In the collection there are garments that meet the strict certifications required by law, to ensure adequate technical performance and work in a safe and comfortable way.

All items are distinguished by the quality of the fabrics, seams resistance and wearability with products for construction workwear, industry, agriculture and plant engineering. In addition, a competitive price and a wide choice of products are guaranteed, from work shoes to thermal sweatshirts in cotton and polyester.

Utility clothing is aimed at every professional need, from small and medium-sized companies to self-employed workers, with dedicated solutions for some specific areas such as the construction sector, logistics and crafts.

Each product is made respecting the typical dictates of Made in Italy, to allow professionals and technicians to dress with style while maintaining adequate protection.

How to choose safety clothing

The purchase of professional workwear requires special attention, as it is essential to evaluate the technical characteristics of each garment based on the intended use.

Safety shoes must protect the feet from a series of dangers, but also offer a comfortable and breathable shoe, evaluating aspects such as the properties of the upper and the safety standard required by the work environment.

For work trousers, it is necessary to choose resistant products, with abrasion-resistant fabrics and high thermal protection, capable of protecting the worker in every season of the year and in activities carried out indoors or outdoors. In the Emmeti collection for safety clothing there are also work jackets and vests, waterproof garments to be worn on construction sites or in mechanical workshops to take advantage of truly versatile clothing.

Work sweatshirts must keep the body warm, ensure high mobility and protect some parts of the body with wear-resistant coatings and reinforcements. During the professional activity it is important to have everything at hand, in this case the work vests are the right option for a garment to be used at any time of the year.

The importance of quality for work clothes

Accident prevention clothing requires a higher quality than traditional garments, with specific processes, special fabrics and ultra-resistant seams. Attention to detail is essential in each model, for work clothes that reduce the risks related to accidents at work, improve productivity and increase the quality of life of workers and professionals of all areas and categories.

For this reason, on Emmeti Store we have decided to focus on Diadora Utility safety clothing, a reliable partner able to ensure the highest level of technical conditions, cutting-edge technologies and continuous updating of the proposed solutions. We have also integrated the catalog with the brand's technical t-shirts, thermal fleece for the winter and Showa work gloves to make it even more complete.