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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
Kärcher WD 3 V-15/4/20 Vacuum cleaner 1000W
Vacuum Kärcher WD 6 P S V-30/6/22/T + DDC 1300W
Vacuum Makita VC2000L 1000W
Sale price$240.00 USD
Vacuum Makita VC2000L 1000WMAKITA Re-stocking soon - Available by 15 working days
Vacuum Makita DCL281FZ 18V
Sale price$160.00 USD
Vacuum Makita DCL281FZ 18VMAKITA In stock

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Vacuum Makita DCL282FZ 18V
Sale price$164.00 USD
Vacuum Makita DCL282FZ 18VMAKITA Re-stocking soon - Available by 15 working days

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Vacuum Makita DVC150LZ 18Vx2
Sale price$570.00 USD
Vacuum Makita DVC150LZ 18Vx2MAKITA In stock

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Vacuum Makita DCL501Z 18V
Sale price$458.00 USD
Vacuum Makita DCL501Z 18VMAKITA In stock

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Vacuum Makita XGT CL003GZ 40V
Sale price$228.00 USD
Vacuum Makita XGT CL003GZ 40VMAKITA In stock

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Vacuum Makita XGT CL002GZ01 40V
Sale price$216.00 USD
Vacuum Makita XGT CL002GZ01 40VMAKITA Re-stocking soon - Available by 15 working days

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Vacuum DIY

Keeping your home and outdoor space clean is essential for a healthy and comfortable environment. In this guide, we will explore the best vacuum cleaners available on to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Importance of vacuum cleaners in the Home&Garden section
Vacuum cleaners are indispensable tools for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene both inside the house and in the garden. Collecting dust, debris and hair from pets becomes a much easier and more efficient task with the use of a good vacuum cleaner.

The different types of vacuum cleaners available for the home and garden
3.1. Trailer vacuum cleaners

Cylinder vacuum cleaners have a large main tank connected to a brush via a hose. They are ideal for covering large surfaces and can be used on both floors and carpets.

3.2. Canister vacuum cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners are particularly versatile and resistant. They are able to suck up both liquids and solids, making them also suitable for heavier jobs or for cleaning outdoor environments.

3.3. Upright vacuum cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are light and easy to handle, ideal for cleaning stairs and confined spaces. They offer a comfortable grip for easy use.

3.4. Robot vacuum cleaners
Robot vacuum cleaners are the ideal solution for those who want fully automatic cleaning. These small devices can move autonomously inside the house, sucking up dust and debris without the need for any human intervention.

Features to consider when choosing a Home&Garden vacuum cleaner
4.1. Power and suction capacity
Adequate power and good suction capacity are essential to ensure effective cleaning on different surfaces.

4.2. Versatility and accessories
Choose a vacuum cleaner with accessories suited to different cleaning needs, such as carpet brushes, crevice nozzles and nozzles for cleaning sofas and upholstery.

4.3. Filtration and hygiene
An advanced filtration system retains dust and allergens, ensuring a healthier environment for you and your family.

4.4. Autonomy (only for cordless or robot vacuum cleaners)
For cordless or robot vacuum cleaners, battery life is an important factor to consider to ensure thorough cleaning without interruption.

How to choose the ideal vacuum cleaner for your home and garden

Before making your purchase, carefully evaluate the size of your home, the types of surfaces to be cleaned and your personal preferences regarding the use of the vacuum cleaner. Compare the different features of the models available on to find the one that best suits your needs.

The best vacuum cleaners for the Home&Garden section on

6.1. Model 1: DCL285FZ

Makita DCL285FZ Electric Broom, this electric broom was created to fulfill all the quick and immediate processes in many and different environments, the ergonomics and therefore weights and balance allow professional use by any operator;

6.2. Model 2: WD 6P S V-30/6/22/T

Kärcher vacuum cleaner WD 6 P S V-30/6/22/T + DDC, for dust, wet and dry vacuum cleaners WD 6 P S V-30/6/22/T with 30 l stainless steel container, stainless steel hoses and convenient flat pleated filter is ideal for DIY activities.

6.3. Model 3: DRC200Z

The DRC200 Robot has 8 ultrasonic sensors (obstacle detection), 4 infrared edge sensors (depth detection), a gyroscopic sensor (creates a direct horizontal effect of directives), a magnetic field sensor (detects when vacuum cleaner gets stuck) , two wheel sensors (collaborates with the magnetic field sensor) and a bumper sensor (detects contact with obstacles).


Choosing a quality vacuum cleaner is essential to keep your home and garden always clean and welcoming. Thanks to the vast collection available on, you will surely find the ideal model to satisfy all your cleaning needs.