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Home & Garden

Buy items for your home online in our store. Discover the entire catalog on the Emmeti Store website.

Home and Garden: Refinement and functionality for your home

If you are looking for items for your home and garden, EmmetiStore.it is the perfect place for you.
The "Home and Garden" collection on the Emmeti Store offers a vast selection of elegant, comfortable and functional products to make your indoor and outdoor spaces unique. Discover the extensive catalog and let yourself be inspired by the refined solutions proposed.

1. Introduction to Home and Garden

The "Home and Garden" collection on EmmetStore.it is dedicated to those who wish to create elegant, functional and welcoming indoor and outdoor spaces. The wide selection of products offers you the possibility to personalize your home and garden according to your taste and needs.

2. Household products

2.1 Sanitaryware and accessories

The "Home and Garden" collection offers a wide choice of sanitary ware and bathroom accessories. You can find high quality toilets, bidets, washbasins, shower trays and capri toilets. Whether you are looking for minimalist, classic or baroque solutions, you will find accessories and furnishings to suit any type of architecture.

2.2 Detergents and surface treatments

To keep your home clean and tidy, Emmeti Store offers a section dedicated to professional cleaners and specific treatments for stoneware, marble, terracotta and stone. You will also find air fresheners, towel warmers, toilet flushers, towel rails and laundry furniture. With the right products, you can always keep your home impeccable.

2.3 Furnishings and accessories

Add a touch of style to your rooms with the furnishings and accessories available on EmmetStore.it. You will find a wide range of solutions, from interior decorative paints to lighting solutions. You will be able to customize each environment following your inspiration and your creativity.

3. Products for the garden

3.1 Gardening tools

If you have a garden or a small green space, Emmeti Store offers a selection of gardening tools. You'll find high-quality tools, such as rakes, shears, shovels and watering cans, to help you take care of your plants and garden.

3.2 DIY power tools

If you are a DIY enthusiast, Emmeti Store has what you need. You will find a wide range of power tools, such as drills, circular saws, sanders and multiple implements to meet your DIY needs.

3.3 Outdoor furniture

To make your outdoor space welcoming and functional, Emmeti Store offers a selection of outdoor furniture. You will find high quality tables, chairs, armchairs and sun loungers, perfect for relaxing and enjoying your garden or terrace.

4. Why buy from Emmeti Store?

Buying from Emmeti Store offers you many advantages. In addition to the wide selection of high quality products, Emmeti Store offers discounted prices and special offers. Shipping is fast, guaranteeing delivery of the products within 48 hours. Furthermore, Emmeti Store ensures a safe and reliable shopping experience, with a customer support team ready to assist you in case of questions or needs.

5. Conclusions

The "Home and Garden" collection on EmmetStore.it offers you the opportunity to create refined, functional and welcoming indoor and outdoor spaces. With a vast selection of products for the home and garden, you can customize any environment according to your taste and needs. By purchasing from Emmeti Store, you will enjoy high quality products at advantageous prices, with fast shipping and reliable customer service.


1. What are the delivery times for the products on EmmetStore.it?
Emmeti Store guarantees fast shipping of "Home and Garden" products. Delivery takes place within 48 hours of ordering, thus guaranteeing an efficient service.

2. Can I find household cleaning products on EmmetStore.it?
Yes, on EmmetStore.it you will find a wide selection of professional detergents for home cleaning. From floor cleaning to fabric care, you'll find the right products to keep your home clean and tidy.

3. Does Emmeti Store offer customer assistance for its products?
Absolutely yes. Emmeti Store has a customer support team ready to assist you in case of questions or needs relating to "Home and garden" products. You can contact customer service by phone or email to receive all the necessary information and assistance.