Work tools and Ironmongery

Work tools and Ironmongery

DIY tools and hardware. Discover the range of products on the Emmeti Store website and buy your tool. Free return.


On Emmeti Store all the most useful work tools for DIY are available, with a complete selection of hardware products for DIY and every need. Online you can find essential items for housework, with a wide range of solutions from the best brands such as Tajima, Bulova and Tytan.

In the catalog there are DIY tools suitable for cutting materials, such as professional shears, saws for engraving plasterboard and cutters with blades of various sizes. In addition, we offer a choice of stainless steel trowels and trowels: robust tools for building interventions and renovations.

Do not miss the Ironmongery for measuring, from the classic wooden meter to the tape measure with automatic tape block. For state-of-the-art installations, magnetic levels are available, with which to check the squaring of the applications, while with the tracer it is possible to make precise measurements even of large surfaces.

For the storage of tools you can buy tool boxes of various shapes and sizes, or pockets and fabric belts to work comfortably and quickly. For home repairs it is possible to find foams and silicones to use with the practical guns for finishing and quick interventions.

The essential tools for DIY

Small repairs save time and money, taking care of some chores in the house firsthand, that's why you need to have all the DIY tools. First of all, it is important to have a box or a panel to organize the tools in an orderly way, increasing the equipment according to your needs.

Then a set of Phillips and Phillips screwdrivers cannot be missing, with products of various sizes and equipped with an ergonomic handle. At the same time, a multifunctional power tool is needed, for example a drill to be used as a screwdriver, as well as tools such as pliers, parrot wrenches with width adjustment and at least one hammer.

The cutter is essential in craft tools for cutting paper, cardboard and other lightweight materials, including wood and iron hacksaws for working harder and more complex materials. In the equipment must never miss: screws and nails of various sizes, a complete set of wrenches and chisels to knock down walls and walls.

DIY Ironmonger's: the importance of safety

When doing housework it is essential to protect the most exposed parts of the body, such as the eyes, hands and feet, protecting yourself against accidents. In this case it is necessary to wear a pair of quality safety shoes, with reinforced toecaps to protect the feet against nails and accidental falls of tools.

At the same time it is important to always use work gloves, choosing a model of the right size and able to preserve the hands from cuts and lacerations. In addition, it is necessary to use protective goggles, to use power tools and hardware products for the tea in a safe way.