Leica: meters and laser levels

Leica: meters and laser levels

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Leica Geosystems is a Swiss company leader in the field of measuring instruments, active for over 200 years in the production of high-precision equipment. On Emmeti Store we offer a selection of Leica meters and laser levels, technologically advanced devices for working with minimal margins of error.

You can find the Leica Lino laser levels, made with the innovative Power Range technology for optimal alignment both indoors and outdoors, ideal for installation and assembly of fixtures, structures and coatings. A cheaper product is the Leica Tango Cubig 20G laser level, specific for indoor environments, with green laser for use for walls and ceilings.

Leica laser meters are also present, with the Disto range including the portable Leica Disto 1 laser meter with Bluetooth connectivity and 40-meter range. The Leica S910 Pro Disto laser meter model, with a maximum range of up to 400 meters, has a 1 mm offset and offers measurements compatible with formats for professional CAD programs.

In the Leica measuring equipment catalog you can also buy the Lino L4P1 laser square, to be used for perfect detection of even the most complex angles. Leica instruments allow you to measure any size, even inclined, with professional products for craftsmen, technicians and studios, including complete stations with tripods and integral accessories kit.

Leica laser levels: precision and reliability

Leica Geosystems offers a wide selection of laser levels, professional tracking tools designed to work indoors and outdoors. For example, the Leica Lino L2P5 level is a self-leveling model, with a system of crossed lines and points to be used where perfect alignment is required, such as the installation of plasterboard ceilings, tiled floors and partitions.

A more advanced machine is the Leica Cubig 363G3 level, with which it is possible to align surfaces even at great distances, with separate horizontal or vertical lines or mixed according to needs. This device boasts two operating modes with a laser beam also suitable for outdoor use and very high precision.

Why buy a Leica laser meter

The Swiss company manufactures the latest generation laser meters, useful products for any professional need, from construction work to plant engineering, from topography to external surveying. Among the cheapest devices is the Leica Disto D2 laser meter, a digital pocket meter with a range of 100 meters, Bluetooth Smart connectivity and a weight of just 100 grams.

Leica laser distance meters can also be mounted on tripods, which can be purchased separately or with the complete kit. The Leica 3D measuring range includes the Disto D810 Pro Pack set, with aluminum tripod and spirit level, case and Leica laser meter with touchscreen, for a range of up to 200 meters and connection via app.

The advantages of laser meters are numerous, in fact they allow to obtain more precise measurements, also detect inclinations and calculate areas, surfaces and volumes of environments and structures.

With a Leica laser meter you can take advantage of cutting-edge technologies in measurement, with products that ensure long autonomy and optimal performance in various areas of application.