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Husqvarna Construction

We are committed to work sustainability, for the well-being of our end customers and for society. As a globally trusted partner, we offer innovative solutions to increase our customers' productivity and success, helping to shape a sustainable and responsible future.

The widest range of power cutters in the world

Discover the widest range of power cutters in the world with Husqvarna. With depths of cut up to 450mm, our power cutters are built on over 60 years of field design experience and are respected globally. Choose the power source that best suits your needs: battery, petrol, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic. Whether you need a power cutter for a construction site or emergency service, indoors or out, Husqvarna has the perfect solution for you.

Core drills for all construction applications

Husqvarna understands the daily challenges you face to get the job done, from mounting the core drill in hard-to-reach locations, to handling sludge and keeping the job site clean. Our goal is to help you save time and energy and increase your benefits. Our concrete core drills are easy to assemble, offer a superior power-to-weight ratio, multitasking capability, versatility and effortless handling, allowing you to increase the number of core drills per day. The best reward for us is hearing from our customers how our Husqvarna core drills have helped them work more efficiently and get set up quicker, so they can do other jobs and increase their efficiency.

Husqvarna power cutters

At Husqvarna, we are committed to finding the perfect combination of materials, machines and diamond tools to ensure precise cuts. Working with stones, tiles or blocks requires precision to achieve perfect results. Our bench miter saws are durable and portable, easy to use for large brick or small tile work. With our innovative technology, you can benefit from first-class miter saws for efficient and precise work both indoors and outdoors. Our range of tile cutters includes sliding head and guide cutters whilst our range of block miter saws are fully portable.