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Festool: the tools of professional craftsmen

Knowing, thinking and experiencing craftsmanship allows Festool to successfully design table circular, portable or plunge saws, miter saws and jigsaws, but also vertical milling machines, mixers, polishers, sanders and drills that are professional, powerful, robust and at the same time safe and light.

Powerful machines, which become perfect, accompanied by the appropriate accessories, to ensure maximum quality and reliability in use.

Festool power tools are the favorite of professional craftsmen, because they are specially designed and manufactured to be the craftsman's tool.

This is how tailor-made solutions are born, such as the surface sanding system - consisting of sander, sanding plate, abrasive, hose and CLEANTEC mobile dust extractor. To complete, the innovative SYSTAINER tool cases.

The Festool vacuum cleaners, the most complete in their category

Dust in the workplace is annoying, especially for health. The use of professional extraction systems is therefore not an option, but a must.

In site work, speed and efficiency are required to meet the customer's requests without compromising the quality standards imposed.

Also for this reason, professional vacuum cleaners are essential to guarantee the cleanliness of the places, but also the well-being of the people who frequent them.

Festool vacuum cleaners are the most complete in their category. In particular, the new compact vacuum cleaners CLEANTEC CT MINI, CT MIDI or CTM MIDI meet exactly these requirements. They are ideal for flexible and efficient use on the construction site: compact, handy and powerful.

Our vast assortment is aimed at satisfying different cleaning needs, with products that guarantee high-level performance.

Festool generators: one power

Energy when there is no energy? The Festool SYS-PowerStation is the answer.

This high-efficiency energy storage system allows independent power supply from normal sources such as power sockets, ensuring a daily work that can be planned and without interruptions.

With its 3680 Watts of continuous power and up to 11000 Watts of peak, this power generator from Festool delivers adequate power for any corded tool and also supplies vacuum cleaners, large saws and hammers, constantly and without power loss. .

Compact and mobile, it stores 1500 Watt-hours of energy, suitable for most applications over a full working day, just like a normal 230 Volt power outlet.