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Flex: From professionals for professionals, with unbeatable performance.

Staying updated, demonstrating full commitment, and celebrating new successes every day is what drives not only our customers but also us. This enables us to provide professional artisans and specialized retailers with power tools and services that allow them to achieve results they can be proud of with pleasure and passion.

In fact, our brand is synonymous with intelligent innovations and original solutions for the various challenges that arise on construction sites.

For you, and with you: united by the same passion. We improve so that you can improve too, and the better you become, the better we become. The exchange resulting from a strategic partnership with you as users is the starting point for numerous good ideas that we realize together. This is how we create power tools for true professionals in the fields of renovation, restoration, modernization, metalwork, and automotive/polishing.

Battery-powered tools of 10.8 and 18 volts or corded tools for light-duty or heavy-duty tasks, a wide range of accessories, and the latest generation brushless technology: FLEX offers the right power tool for numerous applications. And, of course, all with a focus on strength and performance, long battery life, and tool durability.

A value-added service with a strong connection to the network of specialized retailers, in-house repair service, comprehensive support including a 3-year warranty, continuously growing digital expertise: this is what sets us apart, even internationally.

A brand that has made a name for itself in the world of tools: Flex Tool. And what better platform to buy their products than EmmetiStore.com?

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