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Cutting set Festool SG-240/G-ISC
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Festool cutting equipment

Festool cutting set: offers and product descriptions

From Emmeti Store you can buy the Festool cutting set online, high-performance accessories for making precise cuts safely and effortlessly. The blades of the German brand are suitable for cutting insulating panels in rigid polyurethane foam (PUR), or in polystyrene, glass and mineral wool.

The Festool cutting equipment is compatible with the power tools of the Wendlingen company, including saws with hand and diamond cutting systems, both wire and battery. In addition, it is also possible to integrate Festool vacuum cleaners, just use a special adapter, to work efficiently and remove all the dust generated for a healthier and cleaner environment.

The cutting set for saw and jigsaws includes models of 240 and 350 mm, with accessories equipped with a limited or wavy blade depending on the type of intervention to be carried out. Assembly is quick and simple, thanks to the provision of the supports, with secure hooking to protect the operator and ensure the best performance in cutting building panels.

In the Emmeti Store online store we offer a wide range of Festool brand cutting equipment, offering affordable prices, free returns and fast delivery throughout Italy. In addition, you can find all Festool products, with a wide range of professional machines, tools and accessories for every application need.

The uses of Festool panel cutting sets

Festool cutting sets are products made specifically for cutting insulation materials, however they are not suitable for processing wood fiber panels. These are, for example, the classic 60 mm sandwich panels, used for the external cladding of warehouses, shopping centers and various types of steel structures.

In this context, the Festool jigsaw represents a very practical solution for cutting insulation material, to work quickly, safely and functionally. Obviously it is essential to use the right cutting blade, always considering the type of panel you are working on and the cutting conditions, to obtain an optimal result without inaccuracies.

The replacement of the Festool blades is quick and intuitive, thanks to the new quick coupling mechanism of the German brand, in fact it is enough to unlock the holder with the selector and remove the blade. The new component must be in line with the cut to be made and compatible with the power tool, so it is important to always check the characteristics of the product in the data sheet.

Festool cutting equipment at competitive prices

On Emmeti Store you can find a large catalog of cutting equipment by Festool, with a careful selection of the best products of the Wendlingen brand for every business need. These accessories are suitable for both professionals and for DIY and hobby, as they are simple to use and guarantee high safety standards.

On the whole Festool range we provide our qualified assistance service, with the possibility of contacting us also via WhatsApp 24/7. Festool products purchased in Emmeti e-commerce are covered by the official guarantee, just register the article on the official Festool portal to take advantage of a coverage of up to 3 years.