Makita XGT: New 40V battery system

Makita XGT: New 40V battery system

Makita XGT is the new Makita line with tools, batteries and 40V chargers. Buy now online at Emmeti Store.

Makita XGT

Makita, a historic company in the professional power tools sector active in Italy since 1974, has developed the new XGT technology (neXt Generation Technology). It is an innovative system of batteries, tools and chargers capable of making the battery-powered power tools of the Japanese brand even more efficient.

Makita XGT represents the evolution of the previous LXT platform, with which the company offers the new 40V batteries instead of the previous 18V systems. The innovative design and efficiency optimization guarantee high performance in every application, to ensure high performance, long life and maximum versatility.

Makita's XGT power tools and accessories adapt to any context, from the toughest jobs to home DIY, with advanced technology that allows the battery and tool to communicate in real time. This configuration allows to optimize the operation of the device at any time, in a completely automated way.

On Emmeti Isolanti you can find all the latest Makita news, with the new exclusive line of XGT products. The range includes the best Makita power tools, including grinders, hammers and drills, as well as the Energy Makita kits with the new XGT chargers compatible with all the brand's tools.

How the Makita XGT 40V system works

Makita XGT technology is based on the new 40V Max Li-ion batteries, waterproof devices, resistant to water and dust thanks to a structure with a triple layer of protection. This configuration ensures maximum protection against shocks and other damage, for use even in complex conditions and the prevention of short circuits.

One of the strengths is the fast charging system, with a duration of just 28 minutes for the 2.8 Ah models and 45 minutes for the 4.0 Ah models. The new chargers are compatible with over 300 Japanese brand power tools, both XGT and LXT, plus a practical LED indicator shows the state of charge in real time, so you know when you need to recharge the tool.

By purchasing a Makita 40V Max battery and charger kit, you can recharge all Makita power tools, to achieve maximum independence while carrying out your work. The price of Makita 40V is extremely competitive, considering all the benefits guaranteed by this technology to improve professional activity in every work area.

The advantages of Makita's XGT technology

Makita's new XGT system offers a number of important advantages, starting with the excellent value for money of power tools equipped with this innovative technology. The tools also ensure greater power, an ideal solution for different application contexts such as the industrial sector and construction.

XGT 40V Max guarantees high adaptability, with the ability to recharge all Makita batteries using the same charger. Furthermore, it is a durable system, able to reduce charging times and protect against shocks and short circuits, to offer adequate support to professionals and make work easier, faster and safer.