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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
Polyurethane Adhesive Fischer FASTGRIP 800
Sale price€11,90 EUR
Polyurethane Adhesive Fischer FASTGRIP 800FISCHER In stock
Polyurethane Adhesive Fischer FASTGRIP M750
Save €0,51
Silicone Spray Fischer FTC-SI
Sale price€6,99 EUR Regular price€7,50 EUR
Silicone Spray Fischer FTC-SIFISCHER In stock
Save €16,00
Sealant gun Spit
Sale price€25,00 EUR Regular price€41,00 EUR
Sealant gun SpitSPIT Sold out
Save €0,21
Sealant acrylic Fischer SAR BI
Sale price€2,99 EUR Regular price€3,20 EUR
Sealant acrylic Fischer SAR BIFISCHER Re-stocking soon - Available by 15 working days
Save €0,51
Hybrid Resin Fischer T-Bond PRO 1 300ml
Sale price€12,99 EUR Regular price€13,50 EUR
Hybrid Resin Fischer T-Bond PRO 1 300mlFISCHER In stock
Gun Cleaner Fischer PUR500
Sale price€7,50 EUR
Gun Cleaner Fischer PUR500FISCHER In stock
Save €0,01
Silicone Sealant Fischer SNF TR
Sale price€5,99 EUR Regular price€6,00 EUR
Silicone Sealant Fischer SNF TRFISCHER In stock
Save €0,81
Sealant Fischer KD HIGH TACK
Sale price€10,99 EUR Regular price€11,80 EUR
Sealant Fischer KD HIGH TACKFISCHER In stock
Save €0,51
Polyurethane foam Fischer PUP 1K 750
Sale price€5,99 EUR Regular price€6,50 EUR
Polyurethane foam Fischer PUP 1K 750FISCHER In stock
Gun for foam Fischer PUPM 3
Sale price€45,00 EUR
Gun for foam Fischer PUPM 3FISCHER Re-stocking soon - Available by 15 working days
Save €1,01
Polyurethane Adhesive Fischer PANEL 800
Sale price€9,99 EUR Regular price€11,00 EUR
Polyurethane Adhesive Fischer PANEL 800FISCHER In stock
Hybrid Resin Fischer FIS V 410 C
Sale price€20,40 EUR
Hybrid Resin Fischer FIS V 410 CFISCHER Re-stocking soon - Available by 15 working days
Gun for foam Fischer FIS AC-I
Sale price€62,60 EUR
Gun for foam Fischer FIS AC-IFISCHER Re-stocking soon - Available by 15 working days
Instant Galvanizing Fischer FTC-ZS
Sale price€6,00 EUR
Instant Galvanizing Fischer FTC-ZSFISCHER Re-stocking soon - Available by 15 working days

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Foams and silicones

Silicone is a truly versatile material, useful in many applications for sealing coatings, furnishings, doors and windows, bathroom fixtures and even aquariums. It is a simple product to apply, just use a special silicone gun to perform a precise job, avoiding smudging and using the correct amount of sealant.

On Emmeti Store we offer an online catalog dedicated to those who need to buy silicone, foams and guns for sealants, providing a complete assortment of products and tools for any need. The proposals are chosen with great attention from the product lines of the most important brands in the sector, such as Tytan, Spit and Kerakoll.

In the online store it is possible to buy polyurethane foam at competitive prices, a high-performance material for sealing where high sealing capacities are required. Alternatively, acrylic silicone is ideal for sealing plasterboard, wood and masonry structures, with the possibility of painting the surface and working it with a moistened trowel.

For maximum practicality, it is possible to choose silicone foam products, to be applied using special spray dispensers integrated in the package. All products that can be purchased online within the Emmeti Store e-commerce can be received at home, with the free delivery service for orders over 150 euros up to 25 kg.

How to choose the right silicone for sealing

Silicone is an indispensable product for perfect sealing on different types of materials, avoiding water infiltration and humidity problems through optimal insulation. On the market, you can find different blends, including neutral silicones suitable for use on some particular surfaces, such as glass, windows and wooden items.

Acrylic silicones, on the other hand, are suitable for use in construction, as they can be applied to walls, floors and plasterboard sheets, and then finish the surface by painting the coating. Acetic silicones are perfect for materials subject to condensation and humidity, such as bathroom fixtures, tiles or kitchen taps, with various colors to choose from from white to black.

One aspect to consider is also the form in which the product is used. For example, liquid silicone is very popular in construction, as it can also be applied with a brush. Alternatively, the silicone foam is easily applied using the spray mechanism, otherwise you need to buy a silicone gun to seal the points of interest with extreme accuracy.

How silicone is applied

After purchasing the silicone that best suits your needs, you must proceed with the application, remembering to take some precautions, for example, always using gloves for your hands and protective goggles for the eyes. Before applying the product, it is necessary to clean the surface thoroughly, removing dirt and residues of other materials to ensure optimal sealing.

Once this is done, it is also important to protect nearby materials by covering them with masking tape. Next, you can use the spray or gun to put an adequate amount of silicone on the area to be sealed, spreading the material evenly. Finally, all that remains is to remove the excess silicone with a damp cloth, waiting the time indicated on the package for drying and then proceeding to remove the tape.