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Pre-separator Festool CT-VA-20
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Festool Pre-separator: online offers

Festool Pre-separator: the best offers

In the Emmeti Store online store you can buy the new Festool pre-separator online, a latest generation system designed specifically to optimize the operation of the German brand's mobile suction unit. This device is used to improve the performance of Festool vacuum cleaners, to increase the suction capacity when used in harsh environments.

The pre-separator allows the machine to work even in the presence of large quantities of chips and dust, protecting the main filter and ensuring that maximum suction power is maintained. This accessory is compatible with all CT vacuum cleaners from the Wendlingen company, with simple and immediate installation thanks to the SYS-Dock system.

Once the dust pre-separator is connected to the machine, it is possible to use the device even in difficult environments, to vacuum up to 95% of the dust before it reaches the main treatment unit. In addition, this appliance has a mechanism for the disposal of residues, with containers with a sturdy structure and stackable one on top of the other to facilitate the treatment of waste.

At Emmeti Store we offer the Festool dust pre-separator at a competitive price, with the possibility to choose between different payment methods, including the extension in 3 convenient installments. In addition, you can receive the product quickly thanks to fast delivery and the official Festool guarantee always available by registering the product online on the German brand portal.

Why buy the Festool pre-separator

Festool vacuum cleaners are high-performance machines, however if the amount of dust generated by the power tools is excessive, they can suffer a decrease in the suction performance. This situation also puts a strain on the main filter, reducing the frequency of replacement.

By integrating the pre-separator into the machine, it is possible to protect the device, to increase its efficiency and preserve the internal filter, making use of an always constant suction power. Through cyclonic technology, this system avoids the formation of large amounts of dust, improving operator comfort and safety.

The Festool pre-separator is approved for dust classes of type L and M, it can be used both on the construction site and in private environments, in addition it has additional sockets for the simultaneous connection of the various suction hoses. Instant assembly requires no fixing screws or bolts, with guaranteed operation on all Festool CT 26/36/48 vacuum cleaners with or without the AutoClean system.

Festool: preseparator and accessories for aspiration

The pre-separator is an essential device in some complex contexts, however there are other Festool accessories that are really useful to improve the performance of the German brand's vacuum cleaners. For example, in the catalog there are also suction kits, bags for the disposal of residues and connection cables.

On Emmeti Store you can find a complete assortment of Festool products, including vacuum cleaners, accessories and spare parts, with which to guarantee optimal performance in every application. For more information just contact our customer service, also via WhatsApp with 24/7 availability.