Robotic lawnmowers: the best robotic lawnmowers

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Robotic lawnmowers: the best robotic lawnmowers

Robot lawnmowers: the best garden robots

From Emmeti Store you can buy online the best robotic lawnmowers on the market, cutting-edge equipment for automated lawn maintenance. These are innovative machines to keep the grass in the garden always looked after, devices that are easy to install and can offer numerous advantages in terms of cost savings and comfort.

In the catalog you can find many models of robotic lawnmowers of the most prestigious brands in the sector, such as Bosch and Black & Decker, all quality products offered at competitive prices in our online store. With a robotic lawnmower you avoid spending several hours each week mowing the lawn, in fact the machine starts automatically when necessary and ensures a flawless turf.

A garden robot allows you to have more free time, to enjoy the weekend with friends and family without stress. In our web shop there are robotic lawnmowers without perimeter wire, capable of orienting themselves through innovative sensors, or models with perimeter wire to be installed a few centimeters below the ground.

In the Emmeti store you can buy robotic lawnmowers at advantageous prices, with fast shipping throughout Italy at no additional cost and free of charge to always guarantee maximum transparency. You can also request electronic invoicing and opt for different payment methods, with the possibility of deferring the online payment.

Which robot lawn mower to buy

A robot to mow the lawn of the home garden is undoubtedly a useful purchase, to facilitate the maintenance of the green and not to be forced to push heavy lawnmowers. To choose the right model, you need to evaluate some important features, starting with the correct sizing of the device based on the size of the lawn.

For example, in our e-commerce there are Bosch robotic lawnmowers suitable for lawns from 300 to 700 square meters, each of which offers adequate performance for small and medium-sized gardens. Another parameter to be analyzed is the maximum slope, in fact in the presence of differences in height it is necessary to check that the machine is able to overcome them easily.

Before buying a garden robot, you must then consider the autonomy and capacity of the battery, the technology of the cutting system and the integrated technologies. Some models can be controlled remotely via the app, to manage the device at any time, even on vacation, with the ability to remotely monitor the robot in case of breakdowns and problems.

How a robotic lawnmower works

The Black & Decker and Bosch robotic lawnmowers are really simple to use, which is why we offer them in our dedicated catalog of tools and tools for gardening. Just fix the perimeter wire with the special pegs supplied, to delimit the areas in which the robot will operate, helping the device to move more efficiently in the garden.

At this point, all that remains is to place the charging station in a point sheltered from bad weather, after which the robotic lawnmower will operate by itself without the need for manual programming. Each time the batteries are discharged, the device returns to the charging base autonomously, to return to operation after charging and ensure a perfect lawn at all times.