Festool accessory set: online assortment

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
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Corner Connection Festool KV D8/50
Sale price€112,99 EUR Regular price€115,00 EUR
Corner Connection Festool KV D8/50FESTOOL In stock
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Joint assortment Festool DOMINO KV-SYS D8
Sale price€401,99 EUR Regular price€410,00 EUR
Joint assortment Festool DOMINO KV-SYS D8FESTOOL In stock
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Corner connection Festool KV-LR32 D8/50
Sale price€73,00 EUR Regular price€80,00 EUR
Corner connection Festool KV-LR32 D8/50FESTOOL Re-stocking soon - Available by 15 working days

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Festool accessory set: online assortment

Festool accessory set: dowels, connectors and much more

In the Emmeti Store e-commerce, a complete online assortment of Festool accessory sets is available, with specific products for the German brand's cordless and corded power tools. In the dedicated catalog there are reliable Festool dowels, ideal supports for fast and precise fastening, able to ensure high resistance to twisting.

The range of accessories from the Wendlingen company also includes the efficient Festool joints, supports specially designed for the perfect union of furniture and wooden items, compatible with all Festool milling machine models. These are intelligent systems, with which to facilitate the positioning of the joints and protect the furniture from scratches and nicks.

For professional installers it is possible to purchase the complete set of Domino joints, with a wide assortment of products of different shapes and sizes, including caps, screwdriver, drilling template and cutter. For cordless drill drivers, on the other hand, there is the assembly kit with 98 supports, all suitable for devices with the Teutonic brand's Systainer T-LOC system.

On Emmeti Store we offer the best Festool accessories at competitive prices, with free returns, fast delivery and optional 3-fold payment in installments. Professionals and businesses can also request an electronic invoice at check-out. In addition, all products are covered by the official Festool guarantee, just register the article on the company portal.

Festool Domino: joints for every application need

The Domino Festool junctions set includes a complete range of supports for any fastening need, an essential equipment to carry out a work to perfection quickly and easily. This is a selection of joints dedicated to furniture assembly needs, to be combined with the use of the German brand's Domino milling machine.

The main advantage is the possibility of making flexible and extremely stable joints. In addition, they can also be easily detached for maximum versatility. The applications are numerous, from junctions for series holes to angular and straight ones, eliminating the need for other positioning aids.

The use can be made with the assortment of Festool dowels or conventional holes, in any case impeccable connections can be obtained easily and quickly. In addition, with the drilling template it is possible to make a perfect hole, also adjusting the depth of the insert, for an impeccable fixing of furniture and wooden furnishings with absolute precision.

Why choose Festool dowels and connectors

The dowels are essential fastening elements for wooden artifacts, to speed up the assembly of structures and take advantage of high stability. The joints, on the other hand, help to make holes for the perfect anchors, facilitating the work to be done with the milling machine and the drill, to benefit from an efficient installation and minimize the margins of error.

Festool joint and dowel kits are new generation products, designed to ensure optimal performance in any application context. These accessories are suitable for both professionals and for DIY and hobby, with an excellent value for money and easy use suitable for any level of experience.